Improper hygiene or sterilisation care at clinics can lead to a number of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV among many others. Sterilisation care is thus of utmost importance in clinics / hospitals and at Dr. Mansuri’s Cosmetic Dental Clinic, we hold our standards very high.

Not only are our clinics well equipped with appliances for sterilisation care, but each patient is also treated differently based on their medical history (which is collected when they come to the clinic), so that their existing medical conditions (cardiac disorders, kidney disorders, diabetes etc.) also do not worsen and no other complications are caused.

We follow the following procedure and measures to ensure proper sterilisation care at our clinic:

  • Separate sterilised instruments are kept ready in an U.V. Cabinet after they are autoclaved (sterilised at 121°C) for each patient before the session begins.
  • Doctors, as well as staff wear disposable gloves and masks. Protective eye-glasses are worn by doctors during the treatment.
  • Along with using the autoclave system (sterilising at 121°C), we also sterilise the instruments by boiling at 100°C.
  • The working area, as well as the patient chair is sterilised by spray disinfectants after every session, to avoid air contamination.
  • We use disposable items and collect the disposed products in biodegradable polythene bags. These are collected by waste management collection companies, who dispose these products as per rules laid down by the government so that there’s no risk of any harm or health hazard being caused to human beings as well as to nature.