What is Root Canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic treatment. “Endo” is greek for “inside” and “odont” is greek for tooth. Endodontic treatment therefore refers to treatment inside the tooth.

Under the white enamel of the tooth, lies a hard layer known as dentin. Inside the dentin, there is a soft tissue known as the “pulp”. This pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues required for the tooth during development.

When the pulp gets infected or inflamed, an endodontic treatment becomes necessary. The inflammation / infection may have a variety of causes that range from repeated dental procedures, to deep decay or even a crack in the tooth, especially if the tooth has been injured. Left untreated, this can cause severe pain or even lead to an abscess.

In addition to an abscess, an infection in the root of a tooth can also cause:

  • Swelling that may spread to other areas of the face, neck, or head.
  • Bone loss around the tip of the root.
  • Drainage problems extending outward from the root. A hole can occur through the side of the tooth with drainage into the gums or through the cheek with drainage into the skin

Steps of a Root Canal Treatment

  1. X-Ray: If a dentist suspects that you may need a root canal treatment, he will first obtain X-Rays and examine them to find where the decay is located.
  2. Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia is administered to the affected tooth, so that the area becomes desensitised or numb.
  3. Pulpectomy: An opening is created to remove the diseased or infected tooth pulp.
  4. Filling: The roots that have been opened (to get rid of the diseased pulp) are filled with gutta-percha material and sealed with cement.

Single sitting Root Canal

At Cosmetic Dental Clinic, we specialise in single sitting root canal. This means that the procedure is done in a single sitting.