Dr. Mansuri’s Cosmetic Dental Clinic is a multi-speciality dental clinic in Mumbai, providing quality dental care in par with global healthcare standards.

We provide a broad range of dental services. Along with addressing all your dental issues, we also offer consultation for cosmetic care and provide treatment for the same, so if you are someone looking for a smile makeover, you have come to the right place.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest tools and we do not compromise on quality at any stage.  Through continuing education programs, we do our best to stay updated with latest advancements in the industry. Besides offering services at our clinic, we also conduct regular dental check-up camps at many places.

We highly value patient comfort and understand how patients (especially children) may feel intimidated by the serious atmosphere of a clinic or the treatment process. Bearing this in mind, our clinic is specially designed to make the patient feel relaxed so that the treatment can take place in the most comfortable and painless manner. Aside from ensuring the best quality equipment for treatment, facilities such as a personal screen to enjoy videos along with a stereo headset and pillow ensure that the patient is free of anxiety in this environment that enables relaxation. These are few of many patient-friendly features that the clinic incorporates.

You may call on the numbers listed on the right to book an appointment at any of our clinics.