Cosmetic Dental Clinic was started by Mrs. & Mr. Mansuri, both renowned dental surgeons, in the year 1998 at Malabar Hill, Walkeshwar. It is here that they established their practice while working towards spreading awareness with regard to dental care.

Within 3 years (i.e. in 2001), Cosmetic Dental Clinic acquired another office at Marine Lines, which now serves as the primary office.

Their sincerity and dedication towards providing top notch dental care to people led them to think about low income groups that may be deprived of their care. In view of this, another clinic was initiated at Walkeshwar in 2004, which served as a charitable dental unit that provided dental care to those who could not afford it otherwise.

In 2005, one more charitable dental unit was launched near Metro, Mumbai, thereby keeping the doctors on their toes all the time. There was no room for complaints though, as they derived immense satisfaction through their service. The patient’s “smile” was their reward in the true sense of the word.

At present, their clinics are associated with the Indian Dental Association (IDA), Corporate Dental Practices (CDP) and Indian Dental Clinics (IDC), among many other reputed boards. Cosmetic Dental Clinic is linked with health / medical tourism too.