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  FOR YOUR GUMS » Loose & Shaky Teeth
 Should I be concerned about loose teeth?
 What are the causes loosening of teeth?
 What can I do about loose teeth?
 Should I be concerned about loose teeth?
Yes, you should. Loose teeth can lead to a number of serious problems like: Food trapped between teeth can cause gum disease and loosening of teeth. The ability to chew properly can be impaired. Shifting of adjacent tooth may occur this can make your mouth look less attractive. Loose teeth may have to be extracted if they are not attended to.

 What are the causes loosening of teeth?
The most common causes are Gum disease like

Gum Disease is the major cause of loose teeth. One can have any of the following like:

Trauma to teeth during sports, play or accidents.

Most people have Habitual Grinding or Clenching of teeth when they are asleep or tensed. This is also known as Bruxism

Malocclusion: Extra pressure on few tooth that touch each other before other teeth meet mainly while chewing. This results thinning of bone surrounding the tooth. Once the bone holding tooth are weekend it will not hold the tooth firm resulting a shaky tooth.

Gums and bone surrounding the tooth are destroyed

Symptoms of Gum Disease are Loose teeth and receding gums.

 What can I do about loose teeth?
Treating the gum disease that has caused the loosening can firm up the teeth.

Teeth loosened by malocclusion (bad bite) can firm up when the bite is corrected by orthodontic treatment and/or replacement crowns.
- The new crowns will fit over the natural crowns.
- They will be made to correct the previous imbalance in the size and position of the teeth.

Teeth that are loosened by a grinding habit can be firmed by wearing a night guard, that fits over teeth and prevents grinding. It is usually worn at night.

Teeth loosened by a blow often firm up with time.
- Resting the loose tooth is important.
- Try not to chew on it for a while.

If these measures are not successful, the loose teeth can be stabilised by joining them to firmer ones, using a splint.


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