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  FOR YOUR LOOKS » Orthodontic Treatment
 What is orthodontics? Braces treatment?
 Why do teeth become mal-aligned/irregular?
 Is extraction (removal of teeth) compulsory in braces treatment?
 Is the treatment very painful?
 What are the care/instructions/do and doníts, I have to take while my orthodontic treatment is going on?
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 What is orthodontics? Braces treatment?
The process of straightening teeth with the help of steel wires is known as orthodontics.
All patients with Mal-aligned or irregular teeth, buck teeth (forward teeth), crowded teeth, overlapping teeth or Gaps between teeth can be treated with orthodontic treatment.

 Why do teeth become mal-aligned/irregular?
Reasons for mal-aligned/irregular teeth:
a) Milk teeth not falling off at the right time and the permanent coming from behind.
b) Small Jaw and Big sized teeth.
c) Bad and deep cavities in milk teeth not treated on time, causes loss of space for the permanent teeth.
d) Thumb sucking, lip biting or tongue thrusting habit.
e) Mouth breathing.
f) Incompetent lips.

 Is extraction (removal of teeth) compulsory in braces treatment?
No, all cases do not need extractions. Only those cases where the Jaw size is small and we cannot re-align all the teeth in a straight line, we need to extract 2 or 4 teeth.

 Is the treatment very painful?
The treatment is painless, slight pain lasts for 3 to 6 days after orthodontistís visits as and when they tighten the wires to push the teeth backwards.

 What are the care/instructions/do and doníts, I have to take while my orthodontic treatment is going on?
Care during orthodontic Treatment

1) Avoid eating the following:-
- Apple, Guava-cut into small pieces & eat
- Do not cut or bite on carrot sticks, Burger or Pizza
- Chakri, Sopari, Chewing gums, ice-cubes & Chewing bones
- Biting on corn
- Sticky Foods like chicky, chocolates, chewing gums
- Sugary Foods as it may cause cavity very soon as that sugary food
may get stuck between the brackets & behind the wires and
its difficult to brush it & remove it

2) Sometimes you may get a sore spot or an ulcer due to the friction between the bracket surface and your gums. In such times, apply Mucopain gel and if reqd you may take Tablet Crocin.

3) Avoid sports Activity such as Foot ball, Boxing & Judo which may injure you or cut your lips or cheeks. Apply the same medications as above or visit the Dr immediately.

4) If a band/bond becomes loose from a tooth, call the clinic at once. A tight band protects a tooth from decay but a loose band is extremely dangerous and decay under it, is very rapid. If any band or brackets comes out, save the broken appliance carefully as we can sterilize and re-fix it.

5) You need to practice extra precaution while brushing your teeth while you have an orthodontic appliance. You must spend at least 3 minutes in brushing your teeth and use a circular stroke. Although the use of an Orthodontic toothbrush is ideal, a soft toothbrush with a small head would also serve the purpose. You must rinse at least 7-8 times and then check in a mirror to ensure that you teeth look clean. The use of a fluoridated mouthwash is often a useful adjunct. Finally, you must message your gums with your finger as demonstrated to you.

6) You might feel some discomfort after the initial appliance placement. The level of discomfort differs from person to person depending on ones individual pain threshold level. In case of discomfort you may take a paracetamol i.e. Tab Metacin or Tab Crocin 1 tablet every 6-8 hours as required. If the pain is not too severe you could try rinsing with warm salt water.

7) Incases of any other problem please feel free to contact your dentist immediately.


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