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     As you must be aware of the increasing risk of various infectious diseases like HIV Hepatitis etc, we at "Dr Mansuri's Cosmetic Dental Clinic" take utmost Care for each & every patient as our family Member & a thorough Medical History is taken of each patient & we see to it that each patient is treated as per their Medical History.

     Special Care is taken while treating patients with Blood disorders, Diabetes, Cardiac problems, Kidney problems etc to avoid other patients getting contaminated with that disease as well as for the patients safety.

Our Routine procedures followed between each & every 2 patients are as follows:-
  1. Separate Sterilized instruments are kept ready in an U.V. Cabinet after they are autoclaved (sterilized at 121°C) for each patient before the session begins.

  2. Doctors as well staff wear disposable gloves & mask & protective eyeglasses are worn by doctors during the treatment.

  3. We Sterilize all instruments not only by 100°C boiling, but by using Autoclave system (121°C)

  4. We use maximum disposable items and all waste products are collected in Biodegradable Polythenes which are collected by "Waste Management Collection Companies" who dispose these products as per government laws to avoid health hazards to human beings as well as to nature.

  5. Working Room as well as Dental Chair is Sterilised by spray disinfectants after every patient to avoid Air-Contamination.

  6. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Click here to go to contact us page.